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Grow with Tonic. 

Keeping plants vibrant is not only a science—it’s also an art. Tonic Plantscape Design masters both with modern garden and greenery services in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We specialize in interior plant design and maintenance, custom container gardening, and full-service outdoor garden support. Our mission is to curate beautiful plantscapes that inspire creative living and working. Our favorite projects include living installations for vibrant local restaurants, bringing life and warmth to industrial lofts, creating order (but not too much order) in untamed backyards, and making whole-house jungle dreams a reality. Share your wildest plant desires with us and we’ll do the dirty work.


Curate with Tonic. 

Create with Tonic.

We create functional and inspiring spaces with interior plants artfully tailored to your lifestyle and your room’s unique lighting, air flow, and décor.

Interior Plantscapes

Our full-service maintenance plans keep your plantscapes looking healthy and lush without any work for you—our expertise is your peace of mind.

Plant &
Garden Maintenance 

Lack plantable garden space? We’ll bring your porch, patio, and entryway planters to life with curated flowers, herbs, and foliage for every season.

Outdoor Container Design

Meet the Tonic team.

Woman-owned and operated, Tonic Plantscape Design was founded by passionate plant lover Racquel Wakefield in 2017. Over many seasons (and lots of weeding) we have grown into a full-service plant design and maintenance team growing healthy greenspaces throughout the Twin Cities. With decades of combined experience in the dirt, our houseplant experts and garden gurus deliver an elevated attention to detail, knowledge of horticultural trends and design, and love of all things green to your plant projects. 






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Kind words from our rad clients

“The Tonic team is simply wonderful to work with and has made our gardens look more beautiful than we could have imagined! They are thoughtful, extremely knowledgeable, and responsive—their work is a perfect mix of what looks beautiful, what fits best in a specific area, and what works within the budget.”

“Racquel and her team are AMAZING!!! We had wanted some greenery in our home for a while but didn't know where to start. Racquel walked through all our living spaces with us and helped us envision what the space could look like with a few plant options in each room. The results were amazing and they've completely transformed the vibe in all our living spaces! I recommend her team to everyone looking to add houseplants to your home.”

“The Tonic team possesses an artistry like no other. Every project they work on has aesthetic design that is eye-catching, full of energy, and is soothing to the eye. Their vast knowledge allows them to choose plants that will meet the needs and ability level of any client. Through these gifts, I am now an exceptionally good ‘plant mama’ and am honestly addicted to being surrounded by so much plant life. It’s truly shifted my whole home and being. I have Tonic to thank for that.”

Let’s bring your vision to life