Interior Plant Design

We create functional and inspiring spaces with interior plants artfully tailored to your lifestyle and your room’s unique lighting, air flow, and décor.

Uplifting Greenery Selected Just For You

How it works.

We believe every space comes to life when you add plants, and luckily the world is catching on to this truth. You may have big dreams of indoor jungles and Instagram-worthy cascades of greenery, but you may not know where to start (and you’re not alone).

It can be overwhelming to select the right plants for your space—and it’s all too common to spend money on the wrong plants that don’t thrive—which is why we’re here to share our passion and expertise with you to do just that. We will work alongside you to manifest your dream interiors and make spaces you truly love.

With a background in landscape architecture, the Tonic team brings traditional design principles along with modern interior decorating expertise to create beautiful interior plantscapes for your home, restaurant space, loft, or dream dinner party. Each interior plant design is tailored to your unique space’s aesthetic, function, and environmental conditions like sunlight and airflow. Your dreams blended with our skill will truly transform your surroundings. 

The Benefits:

+ Plants boost our overall well-being and happiness.

+ Plants naturally provide us with cleaner air quality. 

+ Plants bring the calming effects of nature indoors.

+ Plants make us feel more creative and connected.

+ Plants make people want to gather and stay a while. 

Kind words from our rad clients

“The Tonic team is simply wonderful to work with and has made our gardens look more beautiful than we could have imagined! They are thoughtful, extremely knowledgeable, and responsive—their work is a perfect mix of what looks beautiful, what fits best in a specific area, and what works within the budget.”

“Racquel and her team are AMAZING!!! We had wanted some greenery in our home for a while but didn't know where to start. Racquel walked through all our living spaces with us and helped us envision what the space could look like with a few plant options in each room. The results were amazing and they've completely transformed the vibe in all our living spaces! I recommend her team to everyone looking to add houseplants to your home.”

“The Tonic team possesses an artistry like no other. Every project they work on has aesthetic design that is eye-catching, full of energy, and is soothing to the eye. Their vast knowledge allows them to choose plants that will meet the needs and ability level of any client. Through these gifts, I am now an exceptionally good ‘plant mama’ and am honestly addicted to being surrounded by so much plant life. It’s truly shifted my whole home and being. I have Tonic to thank for that.”

Schedule an in-person consultation to connect with us about your vision for the space, share your budget, explore how the space is used, and help us understand the environment, from the air flow to the sunlight (or lack thereof) throughout the day. For our restaurant and business clients: we’ll also take note of your restaurant’s cuisine and inspiration or shop’s unique vibe. 

The Consultation

We will design a custom mood board of inspiration photos, specific plants, planter styles, and other decor elements based on your preferences. We welcome any feedback and are happy to adjust the plan. Once we have a shared direction, we will send a cost and timeline estimate for your new interior plantscape and, once approved, we’ll schedule your project and start collecting planters and plants for your space. 

The Mood Board

On installation day, we’ll protect your space from any mess, place planters and plants in location and make onsite adjustments as needed, and make sure everything is healthy and ready to make you and your guests happy. Intimidated by caring for plants? We can also provide ongoing maintenance and watering services to care for your new indoor jungle. 

The Installation

The Process:

Things to consider:

If you’re planning on maintaining your indoor garden yourself (which we love to see), we tend to design with more resilient, low-maintenance plants. If you’d rather we maintain your plantscape, we enjoy designing space with a more diverse and eclectic plant palette that may require more attention and care. We promise the space will be just as jaw-dropping either way.

Design with your Skill Level and Time in Mind

If you are opening a new restaurant or business and are planning on incorporating plants, we can be part of the interior design and architectural process from day one. Instead of plants being an afterthought in the design process, we can help integrate them into your design. (Dreaming of a wall of cacti in a restaurant with low light? We will suggest locations for modern grow lights to ensure healthy growth.) The fact is, plants have a longer lifespan when they’re in an environment suited to their unique needs.

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