Container Plant Design

Lack plantable garden space? We’ll bring your porch, patio, and entryway planters to life with curated flowers, herbs, and foliage for every season.

low maintenance, high impact green spaces

How it works.

Container gardens are a lot like art. The colors, the textures, the shapes, and depth all combine to make an eye-catching display of living beauty. Knowing how to combine all of those complex elements is an artform as well—and we consider ourselves container garden artists. Container gardens are naturally inviting, whether you’re welcoming guests into your home, diners into your restaurant, or customers into your business. We’ll help you make an ideal first impression, no matter your goals.

We will work with you to create a statement piece wherever one is needed to reflect the season, your style, and the region’s bounty. Our designers use a mix of different foliage plants, textural plants, trailing plants, and continually blooming flowers within your container recipe. You may even find us using edible plants within your containers such as kale, swiss chard, or thyme (the outdoor soil mix we use is organic, so snack away). We’ll choose the right plants for your sun conditions, dimensions, and lifestyle. If you love to travel, we will design with plants that are tolerant of low watering. Have a heavily shaded landscape? Don’t worry—shade container gardening is our specialty.

Kind words from our rad clients

“The Tonic team is simply wonderful to work with and has made our gardens look more beautiful than we could have imagined! They are thoughtful, extremely knowledgeable, and responsive—their work is a perfect mix of what looks beautiful, what fits best in a specific area, and what works within the budget.”

“Racquel and her team are AMAZING!!! We had wanted some greenery in our home for a while but didn't know where to start. Racquel walked through all our living spaces with us and helped us envision what the space could look like with a few plant options in each room. The results were amazing and they've completely transformed the vibe in all our living spaces! I recommend her team to everyone looking to add houseplants to your home.”

“The Tonic team possesses an artistry like no other. Every project they work on has aesthetic design that is eye-catching, full of energy, and is soothing to the eye. Their vast knowledge allows them to choose plants that will meet the needs and ability level of any client. Through these gifts, I am now an exceptionally good ‘plant mama’ and am honestly addicted to being surrounded by so much plant life. It’s truly shifted my whole home and being. I have Tonic to thank for that.”

Send us a message and tell us a little about your container garden visions, along with any inspiration photos, favorite colors, or links to Pinterest boards. We’ll request photos of your space or visit your site to get the full picture, depending on the project scope. We offer Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter planters, and love to help clients rotate their plant selection throughout the year. 

getting started

As we design, we’ll get a sense of your style, color story, favorite plants and any off-limits colors or varieties, and can send you container options to choose from if we’re starting from scratch. After we understand your goals and space, we’ll send an estimate for our container design services and schedule a planting day with you. 

the design process

We take care of everything—we arrive with all the plants, tools, and soil we need and will leave your space cleaner than when we got there. As container garden artists, we go in with a plan but often do onsite designing and intuitive planting to make sure each container is lush and impactful. We will leave you with watering guidelines, pruning suggestions, and any other care instructions.

planting day

The Process:

Things to consider:

Let us replant your container garden four times a year so that your planters continually look fresh and vibrant. Our spring containers are filled with cold-tolerant plants to survive those chilly April nights, topped with green moss and decorative twigs. Our summer planters—filled with colorful, heat-tolerant plants—are implemented after Mother’s Day and will last through September with proper care. Fall containers include mums, grasses, violas, and the occasional mini pumpkin. Winter containers are planted in November through early December and are filled with spruce tops, seasonal greens, and winterberries. Our winter planters are zero maintenance and will stay looking fresh until your Spring planters return in the new year. 

refresh your garden every season

If you live in an apartment, loft, or condo with a balcony, container gardens can be the perfect way to incorporate gardening into your life. Containers can be filled with edible herbs and vegetables, as well as flowers to accent your small-but-mighty home. If you’re limited on outdoor space, window or deck railing planter boxes are a great alternative.

container gardens are perfect for small spaces

In addition to planter selection, plant curation, and plant installation, Tonic can also assist with patio furniture selection, outdoor rug selection, bistro light installation, or any other decor elements to accent your outdoor space to create a design-forward and welcoming extension of your home. 

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