Plant & Garden Maintenance

Our full-service maintenance plans keep your plantscapes looking healthy and lush without the time or effort—our expertise is your peace of mind.

let our green thumbs do the work

How it works.

If you’ve ever done your own gardening and landscape work, you know how much time and effort is required to keep things looking their best. (And nothing feels worse than spending a lot of money on trendy indoor plants, only to kill them in a few weeks...) Maintaining a thriving houseplant collection, backyard oasis, or restaurant patio garden takes time, energy, knowledge, and commitment. Free up your weekend for family, friends, and doing the things you really enjoy—and let us do the dirty work.

From fertilizing and watering to pruning and repotting, our plant experts will take care of it all. Together, we’ll create a maintenance schedule that works for your plants and your life. Our promise? Our team will take care of your plants as if they were our own. In each home, apartment, business, or restaurant, we foster relationships with individual plants to ensure they get exactly what they need so you can enjoy the lush surroundings you desire.

The Tonic Difference.

When we care for your interior or outdoor plantscape, we promise to keep it lush, healthy, and looking its best. Our caring garden pros will make sure each element of your flower bed, living wall, or perennial garden is thriving—and if it isn’t, we’ll make it right. With Tonic, you have the peace of mind of knowing we stand by our work, and will elevate your green spaces to our exacting standards.  

Kind words from our rad clients

“The Tonic team is simply wonderful to work with and has made our gardens look more beautiful than we could have imagined! They are thoughtful, extremely knowledgeable, and responsive—their work is a perfect mix of what looks beautiful, what fits best in a specific area, and what works within the budget.”

“Racquel and her team are AMAZING!!! We had wanted some greenery in our home for a while but didn't know where to start. Racquel walked through all our living spaces with us and helped us envision what the space could look like with a few plant options in each room. The results were amazing and they've completely transformed the vibe in all our living spaces! I recommend her team to everyone looking to add houseplants to your home.”

“The Tonic team possesses an artistry like no other. Every project they work on has aesthetic design that is eye-catching, full of energy, and is soothing to the eye. Their vast knowledge allows them to choose plants that will meet the needs and ability level of any client. Through these gifts, I am now an exceptionally good ‘plant mama’ and am honestly addicted to being surrounded by so much plant life. It’s truly shifted my whole home and being. I have Tonic to thank for that.”

Schedule a free maintenance consultation so we can check out your space, meet your plants, hear all about your greenest dreams, and understand any challenges you are facing with your indoor or outdoor plantscape. After the consultation, we’ll send an estimate that covers the costs, timeline, maintenance frequency, and general scope of work required to achieve your goals. 

The Consultation

Once we have agreed on a plan, we’ll schedule your maintenance on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis depending on your specific plants’ needs. At our regular maintenance visits, we will weed outdoor gardens, water indoor plants, take care of any pest issues, prune to perfection, apply organic fertilizers as needed, and provide overall monitoring of the health of your plants. 

getting started

In addition to your regular maintenance plan, we may suggest new ways to improve your plantscapes as they grow and change with the seasons and years. These improvements may include repotting to larger planters, rearranging plants to accommodate new growth, or filling in areas with new plants. We will take care of these tasks for you, and will always run additional fees by you first. 

ongoing care

The Process:

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